A quickie kitchen makeover involving a glue gun and some funky fabric!

Getting crafty with a breakfast nook. Super easy bench covers.

Just like you, I love a happy ending.

And this quick make over makes me so damn happy - I smile every time I walk into the kitchen!

We recently moved to Las Vegas from the Chicago area as many of you know. Since we are new to the area we are renting and we are in the cutest 50's ranch in Old Vegas...
With that said since we are renters we are limited in the amount of changes we can or want to make. 
Our adorable galley kitchen has the cutest breakfast nook and when we looked at the house originally the benches were covered with cute retro fabric. The fabric was worn and dirty, but it was cute. When we moved in they had recovered the benches with white vinyl nastiness. Practical yes, fun - not in the least.

Now I was on a mission and when that happens look out. I get tunnel vision and can only focus on the fact that the white vinyl must go. NOW!!!
Somehow I convinced Mark to go to Joann Fabric with me (he considers this to be one of the circles of hell), he swears he didn't agree, but yet somehow there he was. Here's the thing...the Joann is massive and has the largest selection of fabric I have ever seen in one of their stores. Seriously it was insane.
Of course I am cheap and want to find sale fabric and it is everywhere...I also wanted a fun print and not too light (I am messy and light would show all my oppsies). 

This is what I landed on:

I love love love it!
Not wanting to make permanent changes I decided to go the glue gun route. Using the glue gun will allow the owners to remove the fabric if it gets nasty or if they hate it without too much hassle.
 Also it is quick and I am such an instant gratification person this satisfies the need to be done FAST!

Let the crafting begin!!!

glue gun - check
fabric -check
extra glue sticks - check
scissors - check


Basically I wrapped the benches like a present (which I am not so good at, but this is a forgiving pattern - stripes would have sucked) and started gluing.

Easy peasy.

The undersides aren't too pretty, but no one will ever see those!

Here is the finished product.

I adore how they came out!

Did I mention that the cabinets in the kitchen are painted a tealish-sea foamy-green-blue?

Also getting a natural light pic in the kitchen is tough...

What quick projects have you done to give a facelift to your home?

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